About Kumi

Kumi offers a spiritual perspective to life and its challenges. Working with emotional, physical and spiritual energy, meditation and a variety of life skills, Kumi provides a healing service to individuals and businesses.

From a very young age Kumi’s life has been steeped in spiritual learning. He studied yoga and martial arts as a youngster, participating in the World Martial Arts Championships in Japan. As a young man, Kumi spent time in the Himalayas studying under various Masters and returned to South Africa to fulfil his calling as a spiritual teacher, which he has been practising for the past thirty years. He is not affiliated to any religion and says the wisdom he offers as simply universal truth that compliments any religion or belief.

Kumi recognises in each individual a unique past and present, and endeavours to guide individuals in the pursuit of the future they desire.

Kumi resides in and practices from his centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.